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"The only option for super-fast travel is to build a tube over or under the ground that contains a special environment"

Elon Musk



Hyperloop IL’s mission is to advance the arrival and implementation of the Hyperloop technology in Israel


Hyperloop IL seeks to revolutionize Israel’s connectivity in terms of transportation, by advancing the Hyperloop technology. We are a group of volunteers who believe that Israel can and should be a leader in smart and clean transportation.



Hyperloop is the new and most advanced means of land transportation for people and freight. It enables moving things at speeds of up to 1200 km/h, in the cost of a bus ticket.


Global challange

Hyperloop One is the leading company in the world in developing the Hyperloop technology. In May 2016 the company launched the Global Challenge in order to find the first corridors in the world, to build a Hyperloop in.


Out of 2600 entries from all over the world, 35 teams made it to the semifinals on January 2017. Hyperloop IL is one of those semifinalists, representing Israel as the only team from the Middle East. Our next goal is to start a pilot in Israel.


Adam c.

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SVP  Revenue of,  the world largest financial content portal.



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Experienced entrepreneur and business leader. Currently founding Volta Solar, a solar energy company that is working to build the most advanced distributed grid of cleaner-cheaper energy

Omri Rahamim

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Head of HLS division in Airobotics, an innovative autonomous drone company

The team


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